Welcome to the first Principal’s Press!

It has been a fabulous start to term one, with students settling in to their new year levels and classrooms. As a new staff member coming into Jarrahdale PS, I have felt very welcomed and have enjoyed meeting all the friendly students, families and staff. Jarrahdale PS has a lovely sense of community and it is evident that the students all know and care for one another. There has already been some amazing learning happening in classes, and I look forward to supporting teaching and learning and being a part of this amazing school for the term.

School Times

The school day commences at 8:45am with doors opening at 8:30am. Students are asked to arrive no earlier than 8:30am. If necessary, supervision can be provided from 8:15am.

Mrs Cherie Dobbs – Principal

25th February 2020

Student Councillors

Congratulations to our Student Councillors: Colm, Ellie and Kyron. Along with the year six cohort they will continue to be expected to take an active role in school activities, speak publically at events, take on additional leadership responsibilities, show initiative and work as a team.

So far this year the student councillors have been setting up sports equipment, assisting younger students in the playground and hosted this terms first assembly. The year six students have been busy doing many other tasks around the school, and are learning to balance these responsibilities with their learning and class expectations.

School Board

Our School Board plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students. Further information is also available on our school website, and the Department of Education website. Being a member of the school board is an important and rewarding role that contributes greatly to the success of a school.

Parents! If you are ready to make a commitment and have the willingness to make a difference, I invite you to nominate for the school board, as there are two vacancies for parent representatives. If you are interested in nominating, please come along to our Parent Information Session on Tuesday 3rd March at 2:45pm and collect a nomination form to be returned it the Office no later than 5:00 pm Friday 13th March. An election will be held if there are more nominations than positions.

Role of the School Board

Governance in the context of school boards refers an integrated system of decisionmaking that has student success and school effectiveness as its overarching purpose. Parents and the community can be involved in school decision making and giving advice through the School Board, which has distinct functions provided under legislation, but are prohibited from being involved in the daytoday running of the school. All board members are obliged to act in the best interest of the school and its students, and are not on the board to represent the interests of any subgroups of the school community. Those wishing to raise issues that are not related to the legislated roles and functions of the board should do so through the schools complaints management processes.

Student Leaders

Every classroom also nominates students as Student Leaders. Congratulations to those students nominated so far this term. I know they will step up and support their peers.

Chaplin – Joe Grida

Our Chaplin Mr Joe Grida is returning this year on Tuesdays. At times Joe can work with individual students, small groups of students and whole classes, as well as families. Parents always have the choice to withdraw their child from this service at any time by contacting the office.

Student Morning Tea & Lunches

Asha Hargreves and Leeanne Towers are coordinating morning tea and lunch this year and doing an amazing job. So far the food has looked and tasted amazing and the children have been very complimentary!

Morning Tea -Monday $1

Lunch -Thursday $May 5

More information regarding the menu is forwarded through Connect.